A collection of conceptual and produced packaging designs for Diageo, Bacardi, EJ Gallo and Proxima developed at Supremia.


The problem: How do you make the consumer reengaged with a product they already purchase?


The solution was to create something sustainable and useful to the consumer. A box becomes an ice bucket. Protective padding becomes ice trays or an ice chiller. And branded bat wings can flip over to create a dispenser.


We carried the concept of reusable packaging into a reusable water bottle. The reflective grip becomes a tool for solar disinfection.

One. Fill our PET plastic bottle with any water that’s not too murky from a creek, standpipe, or puddle. Two. For clean water, place the bottle in the sun on its’ side with the reflective surface facing up. Three. In six hours the UVA radiation will kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites in the water making it safe to drink. Four. Do not disturb the bottles while they sit in the sun. Five. Store water in bottle to prevent recontamination.